Just a start…

So after what seams likes an eternity of running, shooting, road marches, earlier morning PT, bullshit barracks life, and learning the Army way. I stand on the parade field as a Soldier and thinking back on what the last eight weeks had been, I was hot shit or so I thought. Once all the fan fare cleared and all the emotions had settled. It was back to the what was at hand one thing about the military that will learn. Is that it isn’t about what you have accomplished so much( that’s important as well) but it’s about what’s at hand. I was headed for AIT to learn my job and what would be a whole new experience for me.

I arrived at what was then was place called Edgewood. This was a tiny little base that was about a twenty minute drive outside of Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. This would be where my first taste of Army freedom would come. Now for my MOS I had a 13 week AIT and this place was a unique  Army post as there was really only us there as in there was the AIT students and the DS and instructors. Being isolated like this created a environment that I have never found since. It was a fun place, a hard place, and a place where I found who I was. See among the other in my class I looking for something that was me and who I am. I have spent many years trying to figure out what I am all about and to figure out what I what I wanted to do in this world, and looking back to this time I can say that this is where I decided what I am and what I should be doing. I spent years trying to hide what I am passionate about and I had DS that played a huge role in my life to show me what my potential could be. But to get back on track with the main topic AIT at that time was designed to foster a sense of empowerment in your job and give you the tools to be successful. I felt that I was better prepared then the Soldiers coming out now a days. I will say this that this was also the one and only time that I was punished under the UCMJ and I received an article 15 and was given 14 days extra duty, 14 days restricted to post and dock half months pay for two months. So outside of that and all the good time from 2 for 1 at Rudy Tuesday at the mall, all the drinking, strip clubs, and trying to get back on post drunk as fuck it was a great introduction to the real Army (at least at that time).


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