Basic training for dummy’s….

This was a pivotal time for our nation just a couple years removed from the events in 2001, and now fighting two wars on to fronts. The Army had to adjust to new standards and new way of life. This all started in those early years of the wars. As we embarked on the start of our training I didn’t know what was to come but looking back I find myself wondering if we got the full experience or a dumb down one just to get numbers thru. Who knows…

It all started toward the end of January beginning of February you don’t really know the days at this point, this was pre cell phone days. I do remember there was an ice storm had come thru and it was rather cold for that part of the country. I can’t tell you what class I was, what the unit was, or even what company I was. I can tell you that from the bus ride where everyone is crammed into with all your bags in your lap it we were never going to be the same people. Once we had arrived at our reading company barracks, which were actually drop off about half a mile away and had to run with all of our shit while be yelled at. Then what I would say is the worst part of anything from that day is the shake down of our gear. We are all in a formation and told to dump out ours bags at our feet so it can be inventory by the DS. Sounds easy enough right, well this is the Army so pretty much everything ended up in a big pile with everyone stuff mixed up like a big cocktail of crap. Now it’s time to occupy the barracks and put our shit away now if there was one pivotal moment in my career that has always impressed was this next bit. When my platoon was moving into the barracks floor that we had there was one particular DS that I will always remember he was SSG Grouse he was one of those hard chargers I talk about earlier. He was standing by they door and there was some PVT that walk behind him and in what seem to be a split second the DS turn and pinned the PVT to the wall with his elbow on his neck and I wasn’t sure what he said but I pretty sure the guy shit himself. That was something that I have always looked back on and I think that was the moment I wanted to be an NCO. Although that wouldn’t be acceptable in today’s Army though. That was just the first day of basic training and that was just the start to what ultimately lead to me being here today….


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