One Long Day…

​So this one is a hard one for me to start I have gone back and forth on how to get this going so I’m just going to jump right into it and hope for the best. The start of mine and probably anyone military career starts early as shit in the morning and goes well into the night. I’m is no exception my recruiter showed up about 4:30am to pick me up to start the adventure. Once I arrived at the MEPS and went thru yet another round of medical, dental, and other physical feats of strength, I was given a packet of paperwork and a one way ticket to boot camp. In all that day I would travel from OKC to the ATL then on to Ft. Jackson on what would only be descried as the longest way to get there, I think I had at least one if not two stops before I got to ATL. I didn’t get into ATL until the early evening in all what should have been a maybe couple hours flight in took maybe six. This would be my first taste of the military travel planners in their quest to save a dollars but I will leave there for any other story. Once I got into ATL this is where we boarded a bus to take us from ATL to Ft. Jackson, SC. Now we didn’t get into Ft. Jackson (I will refer to this place as FJ from now on) until well after midnight and this is where everything begins.
​Now there are going to be some people out there that will say FJ is kind of a joke and that it is really not as hard as some other basic training post, and I would agree with that statement. Upon our arrival we were meet by what I would describe as a very well manner professional drill sergeant. My expectations of this over the top hard charging beastly man calling us all mother fuckers and screaming and yelling was not the case (you will eventually get those DS in your training company). However from this point you transition to the 120th Reception Battalion I believe is the unit there, and the in-processing begins. Now this is another one of those Army first that you will encounter is how much paperwork there is I felt as if I was filling out and signing my name for days with all of the paperwork there is. From there it’s just a whirl wind of getting uniforms, shots, going to medical and dental, eating, trying to sleep, taking a APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test), and enduring long hours of nothingness. You make it through all that you finaly get shipped to your training company and everything begins….


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